Itinerant discovery of Ecuador

Discover the smallest country in the Andean region with its exceptional ecological and cultural wealth. Ecuador has Indian cultures still alive, an Inca archaeological site and a magnificently preserved colonial architectural heritage. Its natural environment, of exceptional richness and diversity, includes the Amazonian forest, the Galapagos Islands and a multitude of volcanoes, including the most active in the world

Archibald Dupont - Dupont & Jensen
Hotels of authentic beauty
From hotels with elegant colonial architecture to luxury lodges in the Ecuadorian Amazon located in the heart of a biosphere reserve, all the establishments on offer combine typical charm and contemporary standing. A first-class eco-catamaran being the most atypical of them, a 27-meter boat with every comfort, for a unique immersion experience in the environment of the Galapagos Islands.
A unique cultural diversity
Discover Ecuadorian cities, rich in history, unique blend of Inca heritage and indigenous and colonial culture. Visit Ingapirca, Ecuador's archaeological site and experience authentic encounters with local indigenous communities while learning about the country's history through its iconic sites.
Archibald Dupont - Dupont & Jensen
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An exceptional nature
Discover the incredible fauna and flora of the Amazon forest during a total immersion experience. Accompanied by a guide, go and meet the local communities and enjoy a privileged contact with their incredible natural environment. Then tread the highest Ecuadorian volcanoes and admire the lagoons of azure water, before sailing in the heart of the magnificent Galapagos archipelago, in a paradisiac setting. And a rich biodiversity.


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