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Dupont & Jensen offers its private individual customers a complete package from A to Z for their stay.

Our Travel Designers shall meet your needs, desires and habits as traveller with the view to offer customized services and design a unique and entirely tailor-made trip for you. Attentive to the comfort and well-being of our customers and to ensure that you enjoy a quiet and restful stay, we offer a wide range of services, which were subject to verifications, prior to your departure (e.g., boarding, visa, health formalities, etc.).

Through its international network, Dupont & Jensen can offer both a personalized physical welcome at many destinations as well as availability to handle all and any special requests that may enhance the stay of our customers.

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Organizing a business trip can be a perilous task for a company in terms of internal organisation. If this is not carried out properly, it can result in a waste of time for the employee and a financial loss for the company.

Therefore, our Travel Designers shall work directly with the company officials to ensure that the schedule, requirements and allocated budget are compliant. The responsiveness of our team shall enable a face-paced organisation of your last-minute trips.

Entrusting Dupont & Jensen with the organisation of your business trips is the assurance of a trip planned thoroughly, allowing your employees to be in the best conditions to carry out the mission to which their trip is about. Finally, the time saved in this organisation can be used appropriately to focus on the company’s activities.

Team building

Team Building is aiming to strengthen the cohesion of a professional group through collective activities and to connect staff with each other in order for them to develop a common corporate culture. The group shall then grow together, with an increasing motivation and well-being at work of its members, and this should boost the company’s productivity.

Thanks to their brimming imagination and their collaboration with several partners, our Travel Designers may therefore offer various and customized activities that will provide smile on your employees’ faces.

Managing, moving or catering a group are cumbersome tasks for an organization. The Dupont & Jensen team shall secure the entire organisation of your Team Building event, and shall also be a valuable partner ensuring the smooth running of this friendly get together.

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Dupont & Jensen, an IATA-approved travel agency, is offering its customers the possibility to book commercial flights in the various associated classes (i.e., economy, business, first class).

For greater flexibility or confidentiality reasons, private aircrafts chartering is a tailor-made service that will meet the most demanding requirements. Our sister company, IBC Aviation, specialized in the field of private aviation since many years, is the ideal guardian of safe travel on a private jet, as it engages with flight attendants trained to the highest standards of luxury hospitality as well as the strictest sanitation procedures.


Unique, exclusive, short-lived … Upon invitation only …

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