Dupont & Jensen

Enjoy what matters most, we take care of your daily life.

Facilitateur de vie

The Life Facilitator by Dupont & Jensen is a customized assistance service, based in Luxembourg and operating in the Grand Duchy and the Greater Region. It is part of a group of affiliated companies active in the field of Service Excellence (i.e., Business Aviation, Concierge Service, Private Security, Car Club and Event Planning).

Facilitating the daily life of our members is our core expertise, allowing to provide them organisation time combined with impeccable service delivery and a fine eye for detail in every moment.

Our life facilitators, more than mere concierges, play a proactive role as conductors in order to personally ensure the smooth running of each inquiry.

We are not dealing with simple requests. We aim at establishing a genuine and evolving relationship based on trust that will bind various players. One will express his or her desires, and the other will devote time and invest the energy required to make his or her wishes come true. As the demands arise, your life facilitator shall anticipate your expectations to offer a fully tailored solution.

Single contact

A single point of contact available for each member.


Our group has over 20 years of experience in private concierge services.

Availability 24/7

24/7 availability for our Zeus customers.

D&J Network

Thanks to our international network, we can offer you to stay in the world’s top locations.


Our life facilitators are mobile and flexible.


Your privacy is our priority.