Tropical change of scenery on the island of Borneo

An island in Southeast Asia with an exceptional natural environment. Go to the heart of Sabah, State of Malaysia, on the island of Borneo, a region in exceptional surroundings, between lush jungle and heavenly sea. Discover national parks with flora and fauna, unique in the world, go as close as possible to the orangutans and experience exceptional lodges in the heart of a wild environment.

Archibald Dupont - Dupont & Jensen
Eco Luxury lodge
Stay in exceptional hotels, immersed in the middle of the tropical forest or near paradisiac beaches. The proposed lodges will offer you the opportunity to live within the wild fauna and flora while enjoying real comfort and attentive service.
Luxurious wilderness
The jungle of Borneo, more than 65 million years old, is full of ecological wonders and an incredible wild diversity: thousands of species of wild orchids, orangutans, birds and unusual insects without forgetting the rafflesia flowers which can reach up to one meter in diameter.
Archibald Dupont - Dupont & Jensen
Aviation Privée - Dupont & Jensen
Wild life at your fingertips
Go and meet orangutans in semi-liberty in a rehabilitation center, discover the animal nightlife on the largest river in Sabah, one of Malaysia's densest and most diverse ecosystems, or let yourself be guided by a marine biologist to explore the island's rich waters.


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