Holidays under the sun in Oman

Go to Oman, a little-known destination for a while by the general public and that proved to be an idyllic location with spectacular landscapes. A traditional nation but open to the world, with a thousand-year history, which has been keen to preserve its roots. You will discover the culture of an authentic Eastern country and enjoy the paradisiacal setting offered by the shores of the Gulf of Oman within an exceptional address.

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Sublime address in Mascate
In the heart of the Omani capital, located along a beach offering a magnificent view of the Arabian Sea, the Chedi combines oriental lines and contemporary design. Intimate hotel with an exceptional quality service. The hotel has many high-quality restaurants, beautiful swimming pools, a spa, a fitness club and tennis courts. It is the ideal place for a heavenly retreat but also as a starting point to discover Omani culture.
A thousand-year-old culture of the Middle East
With trade, as one of the oldest vocations of the country, the national culture is open to the world. This sultanate, which knew various influences, from the Turks to the British, wishes today to preserve its roots, far from the extravagant modernity adopted by certain other countries of the region. The country has many UNESCO World Heritage buildings, such as mosques, forts and archaeological sites.
Archibald Dupont - Dupont & Jensen
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Spectacular landscapes
Oman enjoys an important diversity of landscapes. In addition to the heavenly beaches you will find treasures of nature, such as the Omani Grand Canyon culminating at 3000 meters, the fjords of the Musandam peninsula or the desert of Wahiba sands. Go on excursions to discover these wonders, accompanied by a private guide or push the adventure further by spending a night in the desert.


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