Holiday out of time in Patagonia

Go to the end of the world to discover the bewitching nature of the Patagonian territories in an intimate hotel of exception, on the road of one of the most majestic glaciers of the continent. The immense Patagonia concentrates an impressive diversity of breathtaking landscapes that we invite you to discover around El Calafate, its bewitching glaciers and its most beautiful address.

Archibald Dupont - Dupont & Jensen
Perito Moreno
In the heart of the "Los Glaciares" National Park, the majestic Perito Moreno, up to 700 meters thick and flowing 2 meters a day, is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is considered the jewel of the third largest ice cap in the world.
Patagonian Lodge
Inspired by the old ranches of Patagonia, this luxurious lodge with a confidential atmosphere located in the heart of a property of 4000 hectares in the immense valley of "La Anita", offers a pure and timeless setting. Offering different excursions and activities in one of the most beautiful regions of Argentina, Eolo embodies the ideal place to discover the magnificence of Patagonia far from the beaten track.
Archibald Dupont - Dupont & Jensen
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The Fitz Roy and Ushuaia
A few hours drive across the desert steppe, discover El Chalten, one of the world capitals of trekking and hiking, appreciated for its mountainous landscapes free of any human influence where the famous Fitz Roy mountain is located. About an hour by plane from Calafate, discover Ushuaia, another famous place in the region, considered as "the city at the end of the world".


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