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Our Private Concierge solution shall help the user and his or her family to reduce daily stress and free up from time-consuming tasks, that time being thus used to enjoy what really matters.

As a matter of fact, we assign to each member a life facilitator as a trusted person, who will personally assist and take great care in tackling the daily tasks deserving vigilance.

As requests are made, the life facilitator will also be in a position to anticipate your expectations and be a force of proposals to provide a real added value to your everyday life (e.g., suggest events, activities, birthday gifts, etc.).

Conciergerie privée - Haut de gamme - Dupont & Jensen
Conciergerie résidentielle - Haut de gamme - Dupont & Jensen


The residential concierge is a trusted person responsible for facilitating the daily life of a housing group; s/he is the common bond between the diverse residents living there. This presence shall reassure the inhabitants, along with the range of services being offered that make their daily lives much easier. That is the person one can count on!

Implementing this turnkey service is a real asset for marketing properties, allowing a company to stand out from the competition in a competitive marketplace while offering potential prospective buyers an additional quality and comforting service.


The corporate concierge is the privileged contact of the employees, who shall help facilitating their daily life, in particular when it comes to repetitive tasks with no added value to the company, which nevertheless are highly time-consuming. With a free mind and a lighter agenda, employees can fully focus on their concrete tasks, thus enabling to increase their well-being in the workplace and gain in productivity for the company.

The strength of the Dupont & Jensen life facilitator is to provide a dedicated person directly located in the company’s premises, therefore offering a daily service with a physical presence (or depending on time slots as defined according to needs), while adding a mobile concierge service enabling to broaden the field of our actions and services.

Conciergerie d'entreprise - Haut de gamme - Dupont & Jensen
Relocation - Dupont & Jensen


The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, a cosmopolitan country and financial centre of choice within the European Union, attracts many expatriates eager to take on new career challenges.

In a pleasant living environment, this country is offering numerous social benefits to its residents, also an international school system and a free public transportation network enabling them to enjoy a very high quality of life.

To best prepare you for an integration in Luxembourg, Dupont & Jensen is offering its expertise and a broad range of services (e.g., guided tours, house/apartment search, registration with local authorities, etc.) to save you time and facilitate a smooth settling, with complete peace of mind.


Dupont & Jensen shall organize your private and professional international events. Thanks to our expertise and our privileged relationships network, we have the ability to create exclusive, unique and fully tailor-made events.

The Car’tell, our sister company, a car club with a showroom of over 700m2, is the ideal venue for your successful event. Cocktail parties, walking dinners, pop-up stores, product launches, conferences, receptions, tastings, fashion shows, charity galas, etc. The choices are endless!

Evénementiel - Dupont & Jensen
Coursier - Dupont & Jensen


Our life facilitators, who love to travel, can also take over the messenger’s role, while retaining the premium character and the meaning of Dupont & Jensen services. Some tasks must be assigned and completed as real missions led by a trusted person in a position to satisfy flawlessly certain expectations. This is the reason why we do ensure to offer you our expertise, associated in particular to a certain elegance in outfits. We also assure at all times confidentiality along with a quality follow-up and transport of valuable object or intended for a demanding audience.